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Pizza Haven Bussines for Sale New Zealand Auckland

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A member of an international franchise

The advantages of being a franchise within the Pizza Haven are significant:

&#8226; Collective national advertising (TV, Leaflets, national wide promotions as being a major supporter of the 40-hour famine)

&#8226; Proven and well-established systems particularly the specially design computer software.

&#8226; On going training and support

&#8226; Group bulk purchasing of products

&#8226; Support and mentoring among fellow franchisees.

&#8226; Researching customer requirements and developing new and improved products.

&#8226; Pizza Haven has 186 outlets in Australia 37 in New Zealand, 7 in Thailand and 1 in China.

Quality Product

Particulars emphasis must always be placed on the quality of products. This is best monitored by continually communicating with staff and ensuring they are aware of the importance of producing quality products. Customer complains must all be carefully appeased and used as a toll to monitor quality.

Customer Service

All stuff frequent interaction with customers and is very important that at all times customers are given the service what they deserve. The firs point of contract at the counter or telephone is particularly important. Staff are always encouraged and assisted to give best possible service. The most important aspect of this is to get the customer&#8217;s order deliver to them.
Exactly as order r, Ho t (We got electric heated bags) ,Within quoted time..
All our staffs work as a close-knit team to ensure we meet these goals.
Stuff is set up with Manger and supervisors so can run without owner (he needs to go once in few days to pick up money and pay bills)...


We strive to ensure customers see as a shop they want to visit or order from. This is achieved by the headings discussed above as well as keeping the shop clean and tidy.


Good stuff is one of the keys to operational experience. They are encouraged to be &#8220;part of family&#8221; and most shop stuff has been employed over 12 months.
In stuff is included manager and supervisors running shop.
Shop staff has usually been recruited by word of mouth and have been recommended by other staff, though from the time to time we have advertise in local papers.

Shop security

Shop is 24/7 under 4 new digital cameras with sound surveillance what are used for security purposes and control of the shop staff all recording going on shop computer and can be back up for home viewing or in future can be remote internet monitored with no extra equipment. Alarm is 24/7 under monitoring and shop has panic button for calling Security Company.
Shop has build in safe so manger can leave money for owner to pick up some other day.

Transition to new owner

The owners of Pizza Haven shop need No previous experience. However experience in business basic (finance/marketing/management) is an advantage but not a necessity Before taking over the shop Pizza have will provide 6 weeks training in some of local Pizza haven shops.
There will also be extensive support from Pizza haven during the initial weeks of ownership. The current owners will also provide support.
The new owner will need to be approved by the Franchisor as a suitable Pizza Haven Franchisee.


Pizza Haven offers franchise a lifestyle, whish relatively stress free and one whish can be tailored to your personal requirements. Some franchisees work long hour&#8217;s whish others can work very little.

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